The old news of the day is that JK Rowling has said that Dumbledore was an uber fag. Big deal.

Well, apparently it is a big deal to some people. People that probably have no real life. douche bags.

Anyways, according to Cinematical, here is what some people are saying about gay Dumbledore.

One reader, Jessica, had this to say: “Bringing his character from a great role model to a power hungry maniac, but now she says he was gay and in love with his rival?? Why make the series into a soap opera? If I had known before, I never would have read them and allowed my daughter to read them as well.”

Little known fact, Jessica is a hausfrau that would rather keep her spawn illiterate than let the kid read about a gay Dumbledore.

Another reader, Dan, chimed in with this: “I think it was totally unnecessary to make this an issue one way or another in the Harry Potter series. I mean, come on, imagine if Disney said Cinderalla was really bi-sexual and secretly in love with Anastasia. Nothing seems to be off bounds today. How sad.”

Uh, no Dan. These tears are not tears of sadness. These are tears of joy! When do we get to see Cinderella and Anastasia getting it on? And hello, ass clown, Disney didn’t do the Anastasia movie.

And finally, a gem of an intellect that I picked out of the comments section on the post, a one “Yates”

I am pretty sick of this in your face homosexuality. Does every freaking show have to fag out on us, honestly? It’s their choice and I respect that. I don’t agree with it, but it’s on them, not me. But I do NOT want to have it thrown in my face every second of every day.

Er.  I am having a hard time coming up with the list of shows that are “fagging out on us,” honestly Yates.

And let me just say this – he was a wizard! Of course he was a fag! idiots.