If television shows went through that awkward and ugly puberty stage, then it would be Viva Laughlin. The show is just down right atrocious. And for once, the public is with me on this one. According to Variety, CBS has already canceled Viva Laughlin. Kudos to them for not liking that awkward puberty stage too.

If you did not have a chance to view any of this trainwreck let me set the scene for you….

Actors singing along with a track with the original singer. Do the other people in the scene hear the music too? I dunno! It wasn’t clear, it was just scary! One word – choreography. Yes, that is right. I saw one scene with Melanie Griffith and some dude where I suspect what they were going for was sexual tension. Instead it was just some badly choreographed dancing while the dude sang along to a track. I’d rather watch a trail of ants on my sidewalk. In fact – the ants probably would have more sexual tension! It was ridiculous! I could only think as I was sitting there, Did Wolverine himself write this shit? Christ. I’d rather be forced to watch a marathon of David Caruso trying to act.