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Hollywood Hotties I Heart and So Should You #1 – Sarah Shahi

There should be some sort of special compensation, similar to disability payments or unemployment benefit payments, for people like me that will sit through an hour or more of complete and utter shit on film just to see a babe. If there was, I would be one rich bastard.

Why am I thinking about this? Because there is a total waste of screentime in the form of a television show called “Life” that is on tonight that I will be watching. For the third time. It is so utterly horrible that watching it causes me physical pain. Yet, I must watch it as there is a uber hottie on it.

Sarah Shahi.


I first saw this uber hottie on the short-lived sitcom “Teachers.” Sadly I missed her girl-on-girl acting on “The L Word.” What a damn tragedy that is too.  Seriously.

Anyways, now I have been sitting through this wretched “Life” show because she is on it. The actor on it has to be the most annoying guy on television. Not to mention his acting makes me want to wretch.  But still I watch, all in the name of a hottie. I just wish they would dress her more like they did on “Teachers” dammit.

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  1. Wow, nice.

    This is exactly the kind of chick I’m going to land. Thin, rich, dark-haired, and with lips in proportion to the rest of her face.

    The caption of this photo is “Sarah prays for a sarcastic young Prince to sweep her up off her feet.”

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