I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the possible WGA strike. It looks like the WGA strike might happen too!

According to the Hollywood Reporter in an article posted today,

The writers are under contract through Wednesday, but WGA membership recently gave the green light for leaders to call a strike any time after that. In its own end-of-day statement Thursday, WGA negotiators seemed to stifle a collective yawn over the new AMPTP proposals, though the guild postponed a detailed reaction until Friday.

Ooh, that means we could see a WGA strike next week!

Here is some noteworthy items from the article in regards to the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers:

Among changes in the AMPTP’s newly streamlined proposals were:

— Increases in ceilings on employer contributions to pension and health funds.

— An agreement to loop showrunners into product-integration discussions on TV productions.

— Suggesting both sides withdraw their respective demands for changes in terms of employment on quiz and variety shows.

— And suggesting the parties “mutually withdraw” a management proposal on character payments and a guild proposal regarding mobile-phone ringtones.

The AMPTP also underscored its opposition to certain WGA demands.

“We will not accept increases in the DVD residual formula, in residual payments due for programs run on the CW or MyNetworkTV, or in residual payments for programs made for the pay-television market,” AMPTP executive vp Carol Lombardini said.

Ah. What wankers the AMPTP peeps are. Seriously.