I signed onto IMDB to look at their news. What I saw on the top of the page almost made me crap my pants. What was it you ask? Well, just look below if you can’t wait. But. It is info on a boxed set of Twin Peaks. Omg, I loved that show! What a great gift set, eh? Anyone that wants to send it to me, just hit me up for my mailing address.

Of course, they really should have included “Fire Walk With Me” in this set. Just saying…

Buy “Twin Peaks”: The Definitive Gold Box Edition on DVD
Twin Peaks For the first time ever, the entire groundbreaking TV series “Twin Peaks”, the surreal serial drama from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost, is now available in a single DVD set. Go back to a time when damn good coffee, Douglas firs, and cherry pie ruled the television airwaves, and an entire country was dying to find out, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” This ten-disc DVD set includes all 29 episodes plus the original pilot (US and International versions), deleted scenes, a remastered picture from the original negative with 5.1 sound, the feature-length documentary “Secrets from Another Place” and much, much more. Buy “Twin Peaks”: The Definitive Gold Box Edition, available tomorrow on DVD.