At 12:01 am this morning writers on the East officially went on strike. And 3 hours later the west coast writers followed suit. The interesting thing about the 11th hour meeting yesterday is that apparently the WGA gave in a little but the AMPTP didn’t care.

The WGA, which represents roughly 12,000 screenwriters, said it withdrew its demand for a higher royalty payment on DVDs, a demand that the AMPTP had last week described as a “complete roadblock to any further progress.” But it said the studios refused to budge on such issues as payment for Internet downloads and streaming video.


So, this means that late night talk shows will go into reruns tonight. And sitcoms will also stop filming this week since there will be no writers on set for re-writes.

This whole thing kinda sucks for the chumps that are barely making minimum wage on shows. Now they aren’t gonna get paid since no one is working.