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Team Talent is talking smack, again

Oh, I have not forgotten my little competition with Team Talent. And it appears that team talent is talking some smack. Only one thing needs to be said about this smack talk. In fact, it was already said by team talent. So, I think I will just quote her…

And that, childrens, makes me a cranky little ho.

Yes, indeed.

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  1. Um, out of curiosity, where is my script coverage? You see, I turned that script over to you almost a month ago and there has not been one peep from you. I’m not terribly anxious for your opinion, but I did want your “fans” to be aware that I have, in fact, finished that script. That makes it, wait what’s that tally? 35 to 0 or something like that?Wow. You’d better get to work. Or not. You could be really happy without ever finishing your script. After all, the losers all have each other. The winner stands alone.

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