Writers sure are pissy this week, aren’t they? Now they are hating on Ellen DeGeneres. Yes she is still doing her show. No she is not doing the opening monologue. Why? Because the woman does not have any writers on her show. So, get over it striking writers. The woman is just making sure that the rest of her staff get a paycheck and that people that have vacations scheduled in Cali that include a trip to see her show do not get disappointed.

I tell ya, if I has a trip planned to Cali and was planning on seeing a show I would be pissed that I couldn’t see it because of the strike.

And if I was someone else working on a show and would not be getting a paycheck this close to Christmas because of the writers – I would be pissed about that too.

Yes, I think the writers should get what they deserve – but not at the expense of other people. Too many people are not getting a paycheck right now because of the writers strike.