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Bee movie tops box office, I see Crazy Eights instead

Um, I am a bit shocked to say that the Bee Movie is the movie that was tops at the box office. All I can say is – why?

I happened to catch two movies this weekend, neither of which were on the box office list.

I saw Wristcutters: A Love Story on Friday and then I saw Crazy Eights yesterday.  Crazy Eights is part of HorrorFest, and if you want to see it then you can probably catch it sometime between now and Sunday. It’s a bloody horror movie and it has Dina Meyer in it – no shock in casting there, eh? Poor Dina, when is she gonna stop getting type cast into the same old roles.

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  1. When you beat me in the contest by selling your screenplay first, then promptly hand over the check so that I can make Best Women and hire her as my supa-star.

    Of course, it would really come in handy if your script was actually completed…

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