So, I get a lot of random screenwriting related news letters and emails. I usually don’t read them immediately. I was just looking at one dated 11/5/07 from “Screenwriter’s Monthly at”

It has a typically spammy title of ” An Important Message for Screenwriters ” And important it is. I will copy the entire email. Pay special attention to the part at the end that I have bolded. The emphasis is mine, not theirs.

An Important Message from
Film Literary

Do you have a great story to tell, but don’t have access to the powers that be to sell your script?

Then take a moment to see how Film Literary Group can help open doors and enhance your career through its extensive experience working closely with industry insiders. We’re former literary agents from Beverly Hills with more then twenty years of success in the film and television industry. Our goal is marketing your scripts to the key executives looking to purchase or produce new material. FLG utilizes its strong business relationships to maximize a positive outcome for your screenwriting efforts.

FLG does more than merely submit your script and follow-up with its progress. We also provide the type of strategic packaging that films must have to facilitate production. This includes three levels … Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Packages. These will help provide you with the tools to acquire talent (i.e. actors/directors), appropriate film budgets and distribution for your movie
scripts. FLG is committed to finding a home for your screenplay within the system of studios, independent production companies and foreign/domestic distributors.

Let us create gratifying results for you as we have for others. or give us a call: 310-556-2040

A Note to Screenwriters: The Writer’s Guild strike won’t affect you if you’re not a member of the Writer’s Guild. In fact, it may allow you a window into the business, because producers can still purchase your screenplays or hire you to work on their projects that still need rewrites.

Ah, don’t you just love that part that the end? What wankers.