Looking for another screenplay contest to take your money and offer no pay off? Then I have found you one! Hooray me! This one is $35 to enter and they pick a winner every month! That’s pretty brilliant on their part – it means they can take your money all year long. I bet they have a real nice place right on Santa Monica Beach that screenwriters have unknowingly paid for.

Anyways, here’s the 411 on the contest…

Script Savvy’s Monthly Screenplay Contest is now accepting entries!

The contest is sponsored by film producers looking for new projects and writing talent. Sponsors include Cyan Pictures, Industry Entertainment, Niad Management, and many more.

Winners are chosen every month.

Most recent winner Mine by Anita Jean Justice is currently being read and considered for production by Niad Management, Emergence Entertainment, Cyan Pictures, Exit 99, Danger Film Company, and Foremost Films.

$35 entry fee.

Feedback or Full Analysis are available with entry, guaranteed within 30 days.

All genres allowed, feature length only.

Please visit the website for more details: www.scriptsavvy.net

Script Savvy is currently the 2nd highest rated screenplay contest online (source: moviebytes.com) with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.