With the holidays usually comes a lot of new movies. I am not sure why, but a lot of people go the movies on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it is just because nothing else is open?

Here are the movies that open this Wednesday, Nov. 21st:

  • Enchanted (ick)
  • August Rush (what a douche of a movie)
  • The Mist( I am excited about this one- the story scared me shitless when I was younger)
  • Hitman (don’t know anything about it – but I think Timothy Olyphant is one cool-ass mo’fo)
  • This Christmas (is Queen Latifah in this? I love her)

Is that really it? That is all that is list on IMDB. What a sad assortment of movies. Surely there is a kids movie coming out this week! Isn’t there always a kids movie on Thanksgiving and Christmas?