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A Virtual Pitchfest?

I have been going through some of my emails for the past week and came across one on a Virtual Pitchfest. This email is similar to another I received recently as it is telling me that the current writer’s strike makes it the perfect time for me to pitch my work to Hollywood. They were even running some special deals if you ordered your pitch package before Thanksgiving. Douche bags.

Here’s the info from the email in case you are interested in being a scab writer (emphasis below is mine, not theirs):

Hi all, it’s David Kohner Zuckerman from Greetings from Los Angeles! I hope you’re all doing well and that your projects are going great. With the strike going on it’s the perfect time for NEW WRITERS to pitch, as all of the companies on are actively looking for material from new scribes. In fact, we have just added 12 NEW COMPANIES to our growing roster of Producers, Managers and Agents! Some of our new participating PRODUCERS include JT Entertainment (“Employee of the Month”), Howard Rosenman Productions (“The Family Man”), Night & Day Pictures (“Waitress”), John Ketcham Productions (“The Hurricane”) and Lloyd Entertainment (“Cellular”). Our NEW REPS include, Michael Black Management, KenSherman & Associates, Red Baron Management, Michael Forman Management and Sheree Guitar Entertainment.

One of the reasons I started VPF was so that writers could have ACCESS to Hollywood. As many of you don’t live here in L.A., you might be having a difficult time finding those all-important VIP’s to pitch to. Worry not!

With you can pitch ON-LINE, so you don’t have to live here to have someone evaluate your material. Also, unlike other sites, with VPF you can pick and choose who you pitch to, with the added guarantee of receiving a response back. This means you don’t have to wait and wait and perhaps never hear back from people, which as we all know, can be quite annoying.

All of our new companies are standing by for pitches as are the rest of our participating Pros. Besides those listed above, some of our other BIG PLAYERS include, New Line Cinema (“Wedding Crashers”), Davis Entertainment (“I, Robot”), Intellectual Property Group (“Crash”), Casey Silver Productions (“Ladder 49”), Krainin Productions (“Quiz Show”) and Ace Media/Mosaic Media Group (“Talladega Nights”). To find out more about all of our companies, including what type of projects they are currently seeking, please logon to


Through noon on Thanksgiving, we are offering the following FREE PITCH DEALS to everyone on the Screenwriter’s Utopia mailing list:

*3 Free Pitch Deal! 13 Pitches = $90!
To sign-up, simply logon to Once payment is
received, 3 FREE PITCHES will be ADDED to your account!

*2 Free Pitch Deal! 7 Pitches = $50!
To sign-up, simply logon to Once payment is
received, 2 FREE PITCHES will be ADDED to your account!

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at (310) 459-5196 or email me at We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,
David Kohner Zuckerman


  1. I tried this and I actually got some action right away. Two out of 13 requested stuff. Pretty good.

  2. the screenwriting mofo

    November 27, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    But did anything else come of it or has this been a recent development? I mean, you put out cash so what kind of cash have you seen back, if any?

  3. Neil A. Rellik

    May 18, 2010 at 2:29 am

    What was the outcome of this? Is that site legit? Did you get a production deal by using their virtual pichfest? Tell all!



  4. I got 2 responses out of 10. But now they are asking for the screenplay. Are they legit?


  5. This made be a bit nervous but submitted 10 pitches and got 2 free. Two asked to read and other passed – one commented by project was similar to other projects in development (of which I’ve researched and couldn’t find) – what is to stop these type of services being used as basic cherry picking exercises for fresh ideas?

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