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More on the ScriptXpert Script Coverage

I noticed that on the ScriptXpert page that they have a FAQ regarding their services.

Keep in mind that the formatting check costs you $130 for a screenplay. Here is what it entails:

A formatting check is a page-by-page review of your script, covering all aspects of proper script formatting. Notes are made on each page explaining the changes needed to keep your script within proper United States motion picture industry formatting guidelines.

Wow. You could totally do that on your own. Or if you are using Final Draft or something similar then this it totally useless. Send me your scripts and I will check them for only $100 for formatting!

If you are wondering what coverage consists of, this is it:

Coverage consists of a one-page “grade sheet” evaluating your script on its key components. An additional three to four pages detail the strengths and weaknesses of the script and explain why the reader recommends that the buyer pass or purchase the script. Often the first page of notes is a synopsis of the storyline. In this case, we will use that page for notes about the script since you, the writer, are already familiar with the story.

Now, here is what I am thinking….

I should talk to Team Talent and see if I can talk her into wasting  spending the $180 to get the coverage from them after I give her my free coverage.  $180 – holy christ that is a lot of money for 3-4 pages of notes.  Anyways, then we should compare what she got for free from me versus what she got for $180 from them. Wonder if we could write that $180 off on business taxes?

Of course, I still need to re-read the script and actually do the free script coverage, but still…


  1. FormerStudioExec

    October 20, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Twenty-six of us from my screenwriting group each sent our best script out to three coverage services to compare notes. By far the harshest criticsms came from ScriptXpert. Their overall evaluations were much more negative than the other two services.

    I’m a believer in feedback and have often found coverage notes helpful. But don’t go to ScriptXpert unless you can stand to get really ripped apart.

  2. Aspiring Writer

    October 24, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Before you use ScriptXpert, you should read articles written by their leading reader for SCRIPT MAGAZINE.

    GOOGLE these titles:

    “Fourteen Scripts I Never Need To Read Again (Ever)”
    “How Not To Annoy A Reader — Part I”
    “How Not To Annoy A Reader — Part II”
    “The Return of How Not To Annoy a Reader”

    Sample comment from these articles: “IT’S BORING! TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY, TREMENDOUSLY BORING! The Marquis De Sade never devised anything as torturous as having to slog through one of these 120 page shot lists.”

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