The Disney Fellowship is a pretty awesome gig if you can get it. If you get selected as a Disney Fellow you get to come to sunny California to spend a year as a fellow for Disney and get paid a stipend of $50,000 plus benefits. There are workshops, seminars and all sorts of ass-kissing (I suspect). It is a writing fellowship though, so I have to wonder if the WGA strike has any effect on it. Sure, the selected fellows are not likely to be WGA members, but if the fellows are expected to be writing does that make them scabs if the strike is still going on when they are selected?

Applications for the new group of fellows had to be postmarked by July 1, 2007. You know what that means – the time is almost upon us when the selected few are revealed. According to the FAQs, all applicants will be informed no later than December 2007. But is that the first part of December or the end part of December? It’s so very vague.

In case you are wondering why I am concerned about this it is because I submitted a script. Okay, that is not true. But Team Talent did submit a script and I would really like to know if we will be packing for a move to Los Angeles. She entered the same script that she entered into the Final Draft contest. It is a stellar script and it meets all of the prescribed page number formulaic marks that are listed in all of the how-to screenwriting books. Frankly, I would be surprised if she did not get the Disney Fellowship. The script she entered was the most solid script I have ever read of hers. And the most commercial.

So, who knows. Maybe I will be able to answer this question myself at some point.