I was looking through more of my emails and came across another from Storylink. Seems that they have another service called Pitch Perfect at StoryLink. 

What is it? Well, from first look it appears to be a YouTube of pitches.  It says:

Record pitches in the privacy of your own home using a webcam, or visit one of our convenient pitch locations and then just upload your video to Pitch Perfect at StoryLink.

Yup, that is a YouTube for pitches for sure.  And apparently industry execs can sign up and listen to or watch pitches for free! That is great, because I just heard on CNN that there is a shortage of ideas in Hollywood so all of the execs have all this time on their hands. That means they have nothing better to do than troll that site for video pitches! Assclowns. That’s what the people at Storylink mistake you for.

The cost for you being an assclown?

$39.95 for 3 months
$69.95 for 6 months
$119.95 for 12 months

These prices are per project.

Ah yes, go ahead, be an assclown and grab yourself a webcam and a subscription to this service. You can even view some sample pitches of other assclowns just like you! Just look at the three of them. So excited. They have no idea that they are total assclowns.

In my opinion, services like this are just out there to take advantage of screenwriters dreaming of that big break. Proceed with caution, or I just might call you an assclown.