Imagine this…. You are a member of Jay Leno’s staff. The writer’s strike starts. A few days into it Jay Leno himself calls on speakerphone and says “Don’t look for other jobs , no one’s going to lose their house, we’ll get though this.” So, what do you do? Well, you believe him and do not look for other jobs. Then, two weeks ago you realize you only have two weeks of pay left but you still think the big guy is gonna come through for you. I mean, after all that wonky Conan guy did it for his staff and he doesn’t have nearly the bank of Jay Leno.

Now it’s time for the big surprise!

You get your Christmas bonus early and in with it is a note. It says: “If your services are needed, we will contact you.”


According to Variety,

Sources said that while some higher-level executives received severance packages, other staffers received only Leno’s traditional bonus of $100 times the number of years the staffer has been on the show.

Writers were not included in the bonuses, but one writer emphasized that “he’s not being Scrooge. He just wanted to get the staff taken care of first. I can’t emphasize enough how generous Jay is.”

Hrm. Will these people keep their jobs?