To celebrate its 10th anniversary as a festival that prides itself on showcasing bold performances and character-driven movies, the Method Fest is set to honor its 10 greatest films and breakout performances.

Here’s a peak at what those are…

Method Fest’s top 10 film nominees

“Black Irish” (2007), Brad Gann
“Brothers” (2005), Susanne Bier
“The Corndog Man” (1999), Andrew Shea
“Flickering Lights” (2002), Anders Thomas Jensen
“I Love Budapest” (2002), Agnes Incze
“I Witness” (2003), Rowdy Herrington
“Julie Walking Home” (2003), Agnieszka Holland
“Jump Tomorrow” (2001), Joel Hopkins
“Navigators” (2003), Ken Loach
“Raising Victor Vargas” (2003), Peter Sollett
“Sunday” (2001), Charles McDougall
“To End All Wars” (2002), David Cunningham
“The Visit” (2000), Jordan Walker Pearlman
“Waitress” (2007), Adrienne Shelly

Method Fest’s top 10 performances nominees

Peter Falk, “Three Days of Rain” (2004)
Joseph Fiennes, “Leo” (2003)
Gabriella Hamori, “I Love Budapest” (2002)
Hill Harper, “The Visit” (2000)
Ari Larter, “Confess” (2006)
Judy Marte, “Raising Victor Vargas” (2003)
Ian McKellen, “Emile” (2004)
Connie Nielsen, Ulrich Thomsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, “Brothers” (2003)
Miranda Otto, “Julie Walking Home” (2003)
Barry Pepper, “The Snow Walker” (2004)
Soren Pilmark and Ulrik Thomsen, “Flickering Lights” (2002)
Christopher Plummer, “Man in the Chair” (2007)
Kevin Pollak, “7 Times Lucky” (2004)
Jeremy Sisto, “Trash” (2000)
Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle, “To End All Wars” (2002)
Naomi Watts, “Ellie Parker” (2001)
Noble Willingham, “The Corndog Man” (1999)