According to my little Done Deal Pro newsletter, there were no seven figure deals in December 2007. They did think there were a few deals worth mentioning though. Here are those deals:

New Line Cinema picked up Anthony Capella’s unpublished novel “Chemistry for Beginners.” The romantic comedy centers on a shy university biochemist who runs a research project on female sexual dysfunction. With the big drug companies demanding results, he becomes caught in a triangle of intrigue and attraction between his female co-researcher and a pretty student who shows an unexpected response to his experimental treatment. Capella was represented by A.P. Watt on the deal.

Author David Wellington sold his serialized novel “Monster Island: A Zombie Novel” to Zero Hour Films. The horror science fiction story revolves around a plague that sweeps through New York City turning all residents into zombies. Only two of the undead on the island have intelligence and harness psychic abilities. They become leaders in a zombie fray that ensues when a team of soldiers comprised of girls is sent to NYC from Africa with a United Nations weapons inspector. Byrd Leavell of The Waxman Agency represented Wellington on the deal.

CBS Films optioned the rights to “Beastly” by Alex Flinn. The supernatural novel centers on a modern-day teacher who turns into a beast, complete with fangs and claws, after a student in his class puts him under a spell. No screenwriter is attached. Work on the project will begin after the strike.

Note how they are all authors since there is the whole WGA strike thing going on…