With the writer’s strike still going on strong you might be wondering what your options are since you are not a WGA writer. Can you keep trying to sell your script? The short answer is yes, you can try to sell your script. However, there are some limitations to this. And you also have to decide if you’d really want to do that as it would end up getting you labeled as a scab more than likely.

Here is what InkTip had to say about it in a recent newsletter:

Many writers are concerned about the WGA strike and if they are allowed to market their screenplays during this time. After reading through the WGA strike rules and speaking with the WGA, the below is what we have learned:

Writers who are not members of the WGA are allowed to market their screenplays to production companies who are not struck or signatory companies. Many independent, non-signatory producers and production companies are not affected by the strike and can still look at material.

It behooves all writers to not market to struck companies during the strike. This can lead to future complications with entry into the WGA. You can find a list of all the struck companies on the WGA website: http://www.wga.org/subpage_member.aspx?id=2537

We encourage all writers to read the WGA rules listed on their site: http://www.wga.org/contract_07/StrikeRules2.pdf.

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