So, have you heard the news? There is some speculation that Kirsten Dunst is going to rehab. Maybe Kirsten Dunst is in rehab already. Now the facility that Kirsten Dunst checked into for rehab (supposedly) says that it is not true. They are denying that she is a patient there.

The rumor is that Kirsten Dunst has checked into a rehab center in Utah. No word yet on what her vice is. My bet is alcohol. That’s right, my money is on Kirsten Dunst being an alcoholic. If you recall, she got shitfaced at a movie premiere. Don’t remember? Kirsten Dunst got drunk at Elizabethtown Premiere has all the dirt on this one. And check out the quote:

Dunst: “I have lots of alcohol and no food in my fridge”.

Now the rehab center in question is the the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center that in recent days has been home to another popular actress, Eva Mendes. This is also the same place that had Lindsay Lohan on the celeb client list last year.

The Cirque Lodge Treatment Center – preferred by three out of four celebrities.