The 10th Annual Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe takes place this year from May 27 through June 1, 2008.

The conference actually has two core components

  • Screenwriting Symposium
  • The Hollywood Connection

The Screenwriting Symposium is the first part of the conference. It goes on from Wednesday until noon on Saturday. And then the Hollywood Connection takes place the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

According to the website, the Screenwriting Symposium part “is designed to teach the art and craft of writing a screenplay that is saleable to Hollywood.”

And the Hollywood Connection “includes Producer workshops, panel discussions, and pitch sessions. ONE PITCH SESSION with the Producer of your choice is included in the price for The Hollywood Connection. You may purchase multiple sessions for an additional fee.”

Make no mistake, this crappy conference is not cheap.

The Screenwriting Symposium is $595 is you register by 3/31/08. And it is $695 after that.

The Hollywood Connection is $100 if you purchase it with the Screenwriting Symposium. And by itself it is $200. Those additional pitch sessions run $35 per five minute session.

And the best part? So far there is only one producer listed for the pitch session! And he’s not a major player! Quick, send your money off for this conference!

But seriously, why would you waste your money on this? I say save your cash and wait for something similar to be going on in Cali. At least then you will get people with a bit more “oomf” that what appears to be at the Santa Fe conference.