I recently posed the question, Do you have to be in LA to sell a screenplay?

Well, I think you can sell your script from the middle of nowhere but not for as much as you could if you were in Los Angeles. So, if you are a screenwriter that does not live in the Los Angeles area, when you do pack up and make the move?

I think if you are really serious about it then you have to make the move. Sure, you can broker a deal from Podunk, Mississippi. People have done it – I am not saying that it can’t be done.  It just seems a hell of a lot easier to make the move and sell it in LA.

I say you move to Los Angeles as a screenwriter as soon as you have a few scripts in your arsenal that you think are definitely sellable.  That is why See Me Sell A Screenplay and Team Talent are moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer.