After thinking about it over the weekend, I have come to a decision.

It is too freaking hard to locate recent script sales. At least if you want to find that info for free. Sure, you can get a little info from the websites of the trades as well as sites like Cinematical. But those sites do not give you the important stuff. You don’t get the logline (if provided) and you don’t get info on how much it sold for (if provided) or if it was just a pitch or just a treatment or a full length script or even a novel or a magazine article.

Well, I say let’s level that playing field a little bit. Today I am signing up for a service that gives me info on recent sales in Hollywood. If you recall, I took that service for a free test drive last week. And I think you liked it. I know I did. And really, how do you get serious about selling a script unless you know what Hollywood is buying.

So, get ready for regular updates on what is selling in Hollywood, courtesy of See Me Sell A Screenplay. Go ahead – tell your friends!