I got an email about a special class with Syd Field as part of the Great American Pitchfest. Read about it below. And don’t miss the part about a discount!

The Great American PitchFest
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This interactive course focuses on the elements of cinematic story telling.
In addition to in-depth lectures and discussions from Syd Field, clips from films like: “Juno”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, “The Departed”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “The Bucket List” and more, will be used to demonstrate the principles of visual story telling.

Friday, June 20th, 2008
1pm – 6pm
at the
Burbank Marriott Hotel & Convention Center
2500 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505
(directly across from the Burbank Airport)

Seating is limited to 100 people,
so make your reservations soon for this outstanding session!

Topics covered include:
* The necessity for dramatic structure
* The importance of the inciting incident
* The nature of conflict
* Different ways to set up your story and character
* An in-depth exploration on preparing your screenplay for the “pitch experience”
* Clips from top films will be used for demonstration purposes

SYD FIELD is acclaimed as “the guru of all screenwriters” (CNN) and “the most sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world” by the Hollywood Reporter. His internationally celebrated best-selling books have established themselves as the “bibles” of the film industry. He was inducted into the prestigious Final Draft Hall of Fame in 2006.

Some of Field’s former students include Anna Hamilton Phelan (“Mask”, “Gorillas in the Mist”), John Singleton (“Boyz N the Hood”, “Poetic Justice”), Randi Mayem Singer (“Mrs. Doubtfire”), Laura Esquival (“Like Water for Chocolate”), Michael Kane (“The Color of Money”), and Kevin Williamson (“Scream”, “Scream 2″&”3”).

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The Great American PitchFest is a two-day screenwriting conference, and one-day pitchfest which takes place at the Burbank Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, June 20-22, 2008. It was started by a group of writers to help other writers meet the people they need to know for their careers to move forward. More than 30 free classes on screenwriting will be presented by legends such as:

* Michael Hauge (Author, “Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds”)
* Syd Field (Author, ‘Screenplay’, “The Screenwriter’s Workbook”)
* Blake Snyder (Screenwriter & Author, “Save The Cat”)
* Karl Iglesias (Author, “The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters”)
* Pilar Alessandra (Script Consultant & Founder, “On the Page” Studio)
* Chris Soth (Founder, “Hollywood By Phone” & “Million Dollar Screenwriting”)
* Julie Gray (www.thescriptdepartment.com)
* Bill True (Screenwriter, Filmmaker)
* Dr. Linda Seger (Author, “Making Good Scripts Great”)
* Viki King (Author, “How To Write A Movie in 21 Days”)
* Ellen Sandler (Emmy Nominee & Co-Exec Producer, “Everybody Loves Raymond”)
* Mark Litwak (Attorney & Author, “Contracts For the Film & Television Industry”)
* Stephanie Palmer (Script Consultant & Author, “Good In A Room”)
* Steve Kaire (The Pitch King)
* Kathie Fong Yoneda (Former Exec with Disney & Author, “The Script Selling Game”)
* Monika Skerbelis & Rona Edwards (Former Studio Execs, co-authors: “Liked It, Didn’t Love It”)
* And many more!

You can also pitch your screenplay to approximately 100 film/television executives and agents. More than 50 writers have had their projects optioned, been hired for writing assignments, or have signed with agents or managers. Visit www.pitchfest.com for more details!