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Recent script sales #15

Want to know what Hollywood has been buying in the last week or so? Below are recent script sales since 7/11/08 through 7/20/08. Info on sales price and loglines are included as available.

Going the Distance – spec sale
Romantic Comedy
A couple try to maintain a long-distance relationship
Buyers: New Line, Dave Neustadter
Writer: Geoff LaTulippe

Marching Powder
Based on book.
Buyers: Crescendo Productions, Plan B, Periscope Entertainment, Good Worldwide, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, David Guy Levy, Benjamin Goldhirsh
Writers: Jose Padilha , Thomas McFadden , Rusty Young

Romantic Comedy
Buyers: Hyde Park Entertainment, Ashok Amritraj, Patrick Aiello, Lou Pitt, Blake Edwards, Geoffrey Edwards

An FBI profiler discovers that the monster he’s profiling might be himself.
Buyers: Canal Street Films, Michael Emanuel, Eric Lewald
Writers: Michael Emanuel , John K. Anderson
Agency: AKA

Crime, Drama
Special Investigations Section of the LAPD.
Buyers: Warner Bros., Jessica Goodman, Matt Milam, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Antoine Fuqua, Mark Vahradian
Writer: Kurt Sutter , Chris Gorak , Russell Gewirtz
Agency: International Creative Management (LA), Jeff Field Entertainment

Crazy Heart
Based on a book
Buyers: CMT Films, Informant Media, Butchers Run Films, Robert Duvall, Robert Carliner, Judy Cairo, Scott Cooper, T Bone Burnett, Bridges, Michael A. Simpson, Eric Brenner, Jeff Yapp
Writers: Scott Cooper , Thomas Cobb

A man with a split personality
Buyers: Columbia, Mosaic Media, Mark Johnson
Writer: Vince Gilligan

Operation Checkmate
True story – Colombian military rescuers infiltrate the intelligence network of FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and free 15 hostages.
Buyers: Screen Gems, Vertigo Entertainment, Anadale Pictures

King Arthur and his knights are 19th century gunslingers – based on comic book
Buyers: Lion Rock Productions, Infinitum Nihil, Radical Comics, John Woo, Terrence Chang, Johnny Depp, Barry Levine

Valley Girl
Comedy, Musical
Remake – The relationship between a punk and a Valley girl.
Buyers: MGM, Idealogy, Sean Bailey, Matt Smith

Buyers: Atlantia Canarias, Vicente Mora, Roger Corbi, Branko Lustig, John Kelly

Irreparable Harm
Drama, War
The personal and publishing history of Frank Snepp.
Buyers: HBO Films, Spring Creek Productions, Paula Weinstein, Palak Patel, Eugene Jarecki
Writer: Jesse Wigutow
Agency: UTA, Benderspink

Bob the Musical – pitch
Comedy, Musical
A man is trapped in a musical.
Buyers: Disney, Kristin Burr, Luanne Brickhouse, Benderspink, Contrafilm, Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson
Writers: Mike Bender , John August , Lowell Ganz , Babaloo Mandel , Jon Lucas , Scott Moore
Agency: Endeavor, Benderspink, UTA, CAA
Reps: Greg Hodes , Chris Bender
Sales Price: Mid-six against seven figures

Second Sight
Remake of a BBC miniseries
Buyers: Universal, Angry Films
Writers: Craig Rosenberg , Paula Milne
Agency: Endeavor
Sales Price: High-six against seven-figures

Chopper Zombie
Action, Fantasy
Based on a comic book.
Buyers: Original Productions, Devil’s Due, Thom Beers, Philip Segal
Writer: Todd Livingston

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Adventure, Family
A young girl joins in a shipboard rebellion in the 19th century.
Buyers: Handmade Films, Jersey Films 2nd Avenue, Revelations Entertainment, Irish DreamTime, Danny DeVito, Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary, Pierce Brosnan, Beau St. Clair, Michele Weisler, Hawk Koch
Writer: Danny DeVito

The Panopticon
Drama, Mystery
A medical salesman receives a mysterious videotape from himself
Buyers: Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Writer: Craig Rosenberg

Iron Man 2
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Buyers: Paramount
Writer: Justin Theroux
Agency: UTA, 3 Arts

Lost Planet
Based on video game.
Buyers: Warner Bros., Capcom, Seaside Entertainment
Writer: David Hayter

Fading of the Cries
A young man with a magic sword defends his town.
Buyers: Ratio Pictures, Brian Metcalf, Karoline Kautz
Writer: Brian Metcalf

Loudermilk – pitch sale
Napoleon Dynamite-like comedy
Buyers: Rogue Pictures, Greasy Entertainment, Jon Heder, Dan Heder, Doug Heder
Writers: Chris Bowman , Craig Zobel
Agency: Gotham Group
Attorneys: Karl Austen

School of Rock 2: America Rocks
Buyers: Paramount, Scott Rudin Productions, Rip Cord Productions, Scott Rudin, Mike White
Writer: Mike White

One Minute to Midnight
Period, Thriller
Based on a book.
Buyers: Fox 2000, Davis Entertainment
Writer: Michael Dobbs

Tehran – spec sale
Drama, Period
An American professor is contracted by the federal government to observe tensions in pre-coup Tehran in 1977.
Buyers: Universal, Imagine Entertainment, Brian Grazer
Writer: Richard Regen

Inside Passage – spec sale
A young couple on a luxury yacht come across a murder at sea.
Buyers: Gold Circle, Raygun Productions, Untitled Entertainment, Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer, Norm Waitt, Guy Danella, Aaron Ryder, Carolyn Harris, Laura Rister
Writer: Jonathan W.C. Mills
Agency: Caliber Media

Mythological Veterinarian – pitch sale
A secret society that watches over the world’s mythological creatures.
Buyers: Columbia, Jimmy Miller
Writer: Andrew Kurtzman

This Strange Thing Called Prom

Prom adventures – based on newspaper story
Buyer: Miramax
Writer: Brooke Hauser

The Matadors – spec sale
Pro basketball fans form a professional male cheerleading squad.
Buyers: Disney, Kristin Burr, Offspring Entertainment
Writer: Mike Bender
Agency: Endeavor, Benderspink

Comedy, Sports
Male synchronized swimming.
Buyers: Disney, Kristin Burr, Scott Rudin Productions
Writers: Marty Scott , Toni Kotite

Substitution – spec sale
A high school senior in a murder plot orchestrated by his substitute teacher.
Buyers: Warner Bros., Alcon Entertainment, Charlie Company
Writer: Ian Shorr
Agency: CAA, Benderspink

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  1. Hello

    I am a script writer in various genres like supernatural, mystery and comedy.

    Please brief em on how do i submit my script to you for review, sale and production.

    Yours faithfully

  2. It seems as if there are too many writers, too many directors, too many producers and way too many lackluster movies being made. It’s as if everyone involved in making movies is only in it for the money. This is a generation to be forgotten for sure.

    (520) 459-1047

    LOG LINE: A retired Army sergeant recruits some ladies from a retirement home, trains them in unconventional tactics, and uses them to free some captured American service personnel held by a tin-horn dictator.

    SUBJECT: Query: Feature Film Script, “Mama Squad”

    I am looking for someone to produce a film of my novel and feature film script.

    I am a published writer. My first book, “Mama Squad” (see synopsis), a comic novel, was published by BeachHouse Books but has sold only about 80 copies so far. I have also written a treatment and a feature-length film script (registered with the WGA) for this book. In addition to looking for a producer who will make my book into a feature film, I am now looking for a larger publisher who will re-issue and publicize my book so that I can earn some money from it.

    My new book, “Wheezer’s World” has been accepted by a publisher and will be out within a year.

    If you are interested in my script/book, please contact me to discuss this matter further. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Very truly yours,
    Clarence Wall

    ENCLOSURE: Synopsis of “Mama Squad”

    SYNOPSIS OF BOOK & FEATURE-FILM SCRIPT, “MAMA SQUAD” “Mama Squad” is a 176-page comic novel (it has been developed into a 122-page feature-film script and registered with the WGA; a treatment is also available). In his quite dramatic and very humorous recruitment speech, reminiscent of General Patton, delivered at the Sunnyside Home for Retired Ladies, a re-tired Army Sergeant and the main character, Raymond Arnold Waldo, recruits some elderly women for an irregular and unorthodox military unit he names the Mama Squad. Sergeant Waldo (also called Sergeant RAW) tells the ladies (later called “mamas”) “Hey, mama, you think you’re too old to fight those commies, mommy? The Mama Squad wants you. When it comes to fighting dirty, ain’t no body can do it like a feisty old broad. We need ‘em.” Sergeant Waldo promises to train the mamas in the things they already know and to use those tactics against the enemy. He urges the ladies to “?hit ‘em with your purses upside the head?run ‘em down with shopping carts?let ‘em have it with hat pins and rolling pins.” While listening to the sergeant’s speech, the ladies imagine themselves in various types of action. Images from these revelries are juxtaposed against those of real warfare. When Sergeant Waldo even guarantees a place for those in wheelchairs in the new mama squad, one lady imagines herself in a wheelchair, with machine guns mounted on its arms and blazing away at the enemy.And what self-respecting mama-to-be could resist the many benefits that the sergeant promises: free uniforms, medical care, and bingo on post every Tuesday?And be the first mama to sign up, red hot mommies killing commies, that is, and you “get your own personalized bazooka?after you finish with the commies, you can use it against the young punks in your own neighborhood.” After training the mamas, Sergeant Waldo leads them on a mission to rescue some captured Americans held by a tinhorn and very anti-American dictator. To create a diversion for the escape, one of the mamas consumes an entire can of beans and then uses her own natural gas to cause an explosion and set the enemy fort on fire. Another mama uses her bra as a slingshot to fire rock-hard biscuits at the pursing enemy.The script is packed with other comic images and dialog but contains enough pathos and drama to keep the story interesting and exciting. The book, “Mama Squad,” is published by BeachHouse Books. For more information on the book, including a free sample chapter, see .

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    I’m pleased to inform you that I’m having few scripts for humorous video clips by using a new character called Sri Lankan Mr. Bean, just similar to Rowan Atkinson. And here I’ve used my own scripts which was written by me. Sure, whole world will be get laughed once they go through this. I’m having a idea on producing this videos. I’m looking for a video sponsor or a media sponsor. If you’re interested contact me on my e-mail……..

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