There will be a new feature here on See Me Sell A Screenplay in the next couple of weeks – interviews with successful screenwriters. This will be a great way for those of you that are struggling to gain some real insight into what it takes to be a successful screenwriter.

I will be interviewing people that have been in the Hollywood system and have actually sold scripts. I will be interviewing people that have won contests so you can see how they did it. And I might even interview a few frustrated screenwriters that are toiling away and have not yet made it.

The first interview I have scheduled is with screenwriter and author Blake Snyder. And I am taking YOUR questions to the interview! If you have questions for Mr. Snyder then let me know and I will ask him! Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section or drop me an email at screenwritingmofo AT gmail DOT com.

But hurry – I need to have your questions by midnight Los Angeles time this Sunday, Sept. 14th!!