If you have applied for the Nicholl’s then heads up – the Nicholl Fellowships have been awarded. Six unknown screenwriters were awarded the prestigious fellowships. The writers/writing teams are awarded $30,000 each as part of the fellowship award.

The winners are Jeremy Bandow for “Hive”; Ken Kristensen and Colin Marshall for “Out of Breath”; Jason Micallef for “Butter”; Eric Nazarian for “Giants”; and Lee Patterson for “Snatched.”

There was a pool of 5,224 eligible scripts submitted by individuals who have not sold or optioned a screenplay or teleplay for more than $5,000 or received a fellowship or prize that includes a “first look” clause, an option or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work. Each new fellow is expected to complete a new feature length script during the following year, though AMPAS retains no rights to the ensuing work.