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I just got an email about the Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grants call for entries from INFOLIST. Here is the info for those of you that are interested:


The Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grants are now accepting applications for 2009.

The Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grants are available to shorts, documentaries and features with budgets under $500k.

Your film can be either:
* An idea with strong proposals/outlines, and connections to the subjects
* A work-in-progress
* Shot and almost in post
* Anywhere in-between

We are looking for films that meet any of the following criteria:
* Unique and make a contribution to society
* Compelling stories about little known subjects
* Historical films
* Films that touch the heart
* Films that expose and bring information to light
* Stories that can change things for the better, and fulfill and enrich our lives
* Length is NOT a consideration
* Most importantly, your film must tell a good story!

There are grants available in Los Angeles and New York – The list of awards is different for the LA Film Grant and the LA Video Grant. You can apply for either or both, and you do not need to be shooting film to apply for the film grant (i.e., you can be shooting digital).

All grants are for goods and services only, not for cash.

To see details, and a list of goods and services for each grant:

Los Angeles Film
Los Angeles Video
L A Fortitude Editing
New York Video

Who is eligible to apply:
This grant is now available for shorts and low budget independents as well as documentary filmmakers. We have expanded to further our goals of creating films that are “unique and make a contribution to society” – student filmmakers, independent producers, or independent production companies are all welcome!

Who is not eligible to apply:
You cannot apply if you are an employee of From the Heart Productions, an employee of any of the sponsors, or a family member of any employee of From the Heart Productions or any of the sponsors. Sorry.

Where you live is not important:
You may enter the New York City or Los Angeles grants no matter where you live. You can enter both grants; in fact, we want you to. It shows us that you are tenacious and want to find funding.

In your application we would like to know the following:
* State which audiences will be interested in your film? Please describe the target audience(s) for your project, including any underserved audiences.
* How do you plan to reach these audience(s)? Describe your plans for broadcast, theatrical screenings, educational and/or community group.

Commonly Asked Questions for the Grants

Q. I live in Detroit, Michigan – can I enter the New York Grant?
A. Yes, you can enter the grant and live anywhere. We have had people in LA win the NYC grant and people in other states win the LA grant. Just know you have to shoot or do post in that city to be able to benefit from all the goods and services you win. Your production does not have to be entirely in that city – only enough to make use of whatever goods and services you will be utilizing.

Q. I live in Canada, can I enter the Grant?
A. Yes, you can live anywhere in the world and enter any of our grants. You should be filming in the city you receive the award in to use the goods and services. If you live in Toronto and have a film that takes you to LA or NYC this would work well for you.

Q. Can I enter the LA Film Grant if I am shooting in digital?
A. Yes, you will not use the Camera from Otto Nemenz but you could use the money from Edgewise to buy tape or anything you want for your shoot. Actually, the number of entries in the film grant is lower than video and you may have a better chance in this category.

Q. Is the deadline a postmark or must you have it by the deadline?
A. All of our deadlines are a postmark. Don’t spend your money on FEDEX, just mail it.

Q. How long does it take you to decide on the finalists?
A. We usually have finalists up on the web site in 6 weeks.

Q. How long does it take you to select the winner?
A. Our goal is to have the winner chosen in less than 90 days.

Q. When can the winner and the finalists begin to use the awards?
A. Once you win, we email all the donors. This opens the door for you. Next, we send donors a letter and email you the contact person and you can contact them directly.


For more information, please visit:

IF, after you read the website, if you have any other questions, please email:

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  1. am a student in Rwanda interested in applyin for admission to New York Film academy in filmmaking. But having found that the tuition to be beyond my financial means , I am looking for scholarships from various donors.For this I would like to know the requirements to apply this scholarship

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