If you have been messing around and shooting a short film or other video you may be wondering how you can upload to a Blackberry those video files so that you can impress the ladies. Well, uploading to a BlackBerry is crazy easy!

Here’s how to upload video, music or picture files to a BlackBerry:

1 – Install the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software to your computer. Download it if you need to – it’s totally free!

2 – Hook up your BlackBerry to your computer with the USB cord.

3 – Open it and click Media Manager. You’ll see a split screen. The top half is your computer. The bottom half is your BlackBerry. Find your video files on your computer. Select the video folder on your BlackBerry so that it opens in the lower right panel. Then just drap and drop your video file to the BlackBerry video folder. You’ll get a little pop-up that reminds you to convert and that is it! You’ve just uploaded a video file to a BlackBerry!

If you’re using music or image files just remember to select the appropriate folder on your Blackberry!