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How to Contact Movie Producers

If you have finished working a script and polished it until it is the best that it can be it may be time for something else. Time to look for a movie producer. If you have a script that is ready to be made you do not have to wait for Hollywood to come to you. Instead, you can be proactive and search out movie producers to get your movie made and on the screen!

Finding contact info for movie producers is easy than you think.

You need to go to the Writers Store website, or stop by the store if you are in Los Angeles, and get a copy of the most current issue of the Hollywood Creative Directory. It is updated twice yearly – in February and September.

The Hollywood Creative Directory has contact info for Hollywood producers, production companies and executives.

Look through the book to search for producers with credits similar to that of your script. The book will let you know if the producer takes unsolicited queries or not. If they allow it, send a query letter with your pitch to any producer you are interested in.

Expect a long response time. If you haven’t heard anything in a couple of months, send out a pitch to the next producer on your list. Eventually you may get lucky and get that script made!


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  2. i have write a moive script, but how i contact to producers. or what process i follow?

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