Hey, hey screenwriters! Any one got a Dark, Quirky, Witty Drama? If so, there is a script call just for you! Here are the details for those of you that have one of these scripts ready to send out:

DBA Films – Dark, Witty, Quirky Dramas

We are looking for completed feature-length dark and witty dramas.

Something with a slightly offbeat sensibility or that contains quirky characters such as in “Little Miss Sunshine.” We are NOT looking for straight-laced dramas like “Revolutionary Road” NOR pure comedies (especially not broad ones).

We are open to any budget. WG and Non-WG writers may submit.

Our credits include “The Phantom” among other theatrically released features. Please note that in order to protect this company from unsolicited calls and emails, and because this lead is exclusive to InkTip subscribers, we’re keeping their name anonymous.

1. Please go to www.InkTippro.com/leads
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip’s newsletter – FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: qqrvap74rn
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only, and you will be contacted to submit the full script only if there is interest from the production company.