updated with new questions, May 2014

A few years ago, I saw on Twitter that Edward Burns was filming a movie using a Canon SLR digital camera. He was using the Canon EOS 5D. Personally, I think the 5D is a bit expensive to use to film your own movie. Especially when you can get a digital SLR that is almost as good as the 5D for under $1,000 – the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

Both cameras shoot in HD video. My question is thus, have any of you used a SLR digital camera to shoot your own movie? If so, how was the experience? Was the quality what you hoped for? If you have never used a SLR to film a movie – would you? Supposedly Burns filmed an entire feature with all Canon 5Ds recently. Certainly makes movie making more accessible to all of us.

More on the EOS Rebel T3i can be found at: Canon EOS Rebel T3i .

And more importantly, how do you get really great audio for your movie when you are using a camera like this to film your movie? Do you need a really expensive audio recording studio setup? Or can you do a low budget home recording studio type of audio thing like was mentioned on this site here and still get great audio quality at the end of the day? I mean, how many people have watched a movie that could have been great but suffered from really terrible audio? So, it is important to not overlook just how important it is for an indie movie maker to focus on getting high quality sound for the movie.