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Nicholl Fellowships have been awarded

If you have applied for the Nicholl’s then heads up – the Nicholl Fellowships have been awarded. Six unknown screenwriters were awarded the prestigious fellowships. The writers/writing teams are awarded $30,000 each as part of the fellowship award.

The winners are Jeremy Bandow for “Hive”; Ken Kristensen and Colin Marshall for “Out of Breath”; Jason Micallef for “Butter”; Eric Nazarian for “Giants”; and Lee Patterson for “Snatched.”

There was a pool of 5,224 eligible scripts submitted by individuals who have not sold or optioned a screenplay or teleplay for more than $5,000 or received a fellowship or prize that includes a “first look” clause, an option or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work. Each new fellow is expected to complete a new feature length script during the following year, though AMPAS retains no rights to the ensuing work.

Why screenwriters should read the trades

If you are an aspiring screenwriter then you should be reading the trades. At least one of them. Personally, I prefer Variety. Sure, I know that the trades are pretty expensive for a subscription. But you can get the gist of the things that you need to know about from checking their website daily. And that is totally free.

If you are not reading the trades, I suggest it is something that you start doing. Why? Because if you are not reading the trades then you missed the story on how Hollywood is in hot pursuit of new scripts in Variety. Do yourself a favor and check it out now. Seriously.

Movie studios in Michigan?

I know how you feel. Shocking headline, eh? I felt the same way when I read something similar on ShowBizData. To see if Hollywood is moving to Motown, have a look at the story on ShowBiz Data. It is Three Studios May Rise in Michigan.

On the move

The screenwriting mofo is on the move! In September, See Me Sell A Screenplay will be blogging from sunny Los Angeles. That means that there will likely be some changes on the site. The recent deals and sales will stay and continue to be updates. But there will be the addition of info for screenwriters in the LA area. And we’ll see what else I can find to get into as well. So, remember to stay tuned for changes coming in September!

The top sought after young actors in Hollywood

I came across an interesting article on IMDB today. It is tMF Special Report: The New Invasion of Hollywood & today’s most sought-after young actors at The Movie Fanatic.

The article profiles the 15 most sought after young actors in Hollywood. I would think it might not be a bad idea to target scripts to these actors. If you can get a script to one of them that is. For the complete list and article, be sure to click on the link above.

GAFFERS Announces 2008 Screenplay Contest Winners

The Global Art Film Festival, or GAFFERS, has recently announced the winners of the 2008 Screenplay Writing Competition.

The winners are as follows:

1st Place (Drama), “Finding Heart”, David Kane
A young man with a bright future as a wrestler gets drafted into the Vietnam War and winds up coming home alive, but unable to wrestle. To find his true destiny, he must first cope with his new life and learn to wrestle with his limitations. Orange County, CA ;

1st Place (Comedy/Drama/Fantasy) “Unicorns”, Leah Meyerhoff
An awkward teenage girl escapes to a fantasy world when her first romantic relationship turns increasingly abusive. Brooklyn, New York ;

2nd Place (Comedy) “Best Supporting Daddy”, Mark Cummings Sr.
Upon hearing an A-list Hollywood Socialite wants a baby, a once thriving romantic novelist, in need of a best-seller, plots an extreme romantic scheme. Columbus Ohio;

2nd Place, (Comedy) ” Personal Injury”, Vicky Murray
Two former college basketball rivals whose goals are to make it to the NBA, but fail, unbeknownst to the other, become attorneys who have to battle it out in the courtroom, one last time. Carson, CA;

2nd Place (Drama/Mystery) “Inner Vision”, G. Rose Fisher
Callie has a generational inherited gift, which brings fear in the neighborhood. It’s becomes unbearable for her and the family. Finally, there is a new beginning for them, and hopefully a secret to be buried. Elk Grove, CA;

3rd Place (Drama/Romance) “Dance of Isaiah”, Jomo Merritt
Greek-American woman about to marry a non-Greek man, finds out about the marriage “curse” placed on her grandfather and how she must break it. Albany, GA;

3rd Place (Action/Adv) “The Harlem Story”, Danny Holst
A promising singer suffers an ill-fated tragedy owing to the injustice of the criminal justice system and a mean spirited entity in NYC. Ellenwood, GA

Honorable Mention:
“Momentary Matters” – Lisa Sottile
“Pony Girl” – Janet Hogate
“The Scarlet Rose” – David McEwing
“To See Afar” – Donald T. Morrison
“Kingbird” – Don Adams

Sad news for indie film lovers

Last week Warner Bros. announced the closing down of their subsidiaries’ Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse, both major distributors of independent, foreign, and documentary films.

This week Paramount announced that they were closing down Paramount Vantage.

Warner Bros. and Paramount used “necessary cost cutting” as an excuse and both promised they will not abandon the kind of films these companies produced.

Without these “money losing” subsidiaries, it is doubtful that Warner Bros. and Paramount would have produced such gems as “Into The Wild,” “There Will Be Blood,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Babel,” and “La Vie En Rose.”

Losing three major distributors of independent films is sad news for indie film lovers and those that write indie films.

Free movie screening info

Looking for some info on free movie screenings in your area? I just came across a site called Film Metro that lists upcoming free movie screenings. You can search by state or click on one of the movies on the front page. From the looks of things the new Adam Sandler movie and Get Smart are having some free screenings around the US. Check it out for more info. And to see if any are near you.

American Screenwriters Association announcee the Semifinalists in 11th Annual International Screenplay Competition

The American Screenwriters Association (ASA) has announced the Semifinalists in their 11th Annual International Screenplay Competition, co- sponsored by Gotham Writers’ Workshop.

The semifinalists are:

John Aldriedge, Love, Zoe
Husam Asi, The General’s Son
Gary Barrett, Straightening Simon
Philip Benz and Mitchell Schneider, Edge Of God
Bob Bowersox, An Impossibly Fine Line
Curt Burdick and Scott Burdick, The Magic Carpet Adventures
Craig Cambria, Night of Reflections
Roderick Chapman, House Guests
Colin Costello, Bridezilla vs. Deer
Robert Delay, The Psychic Sleuth
Dennis Douda, Splintered Porch
Chuck Duffie, Veneer
Richard Elliott and Amanda Russo, Antony and Cleopatra
Rich Elvers, Stray Dog
Pedro Fernandez, The Monastery
Matthew Furman, Counseling the Devil
Jonathan Hall and Hannah Robinson, Fireworks
Leslie Henderson, Shelf Life
David Juhas, Whitewash
Marjory Kaptanoglu, Devil’s Lure
Philip Landa, Salvage
Eugene Langlais III and Paul R. Langlais, One Nation Under
Jillian Lauren, The Great Pretenders
Linda Marr, The Magician’s Daughter
Michael McDonald, Moving Target
Lance Oliver, Tale of a Finer South
Michael Penning, All Hallows Eve
Craig Peters, The 49th Day
Michael Salop, The Great American Holocaust Movie
Natashia Saunders, The Spinning Wheel
Peter Schuyler, Last Blade of Grass
Sharon Scott, The Secret Drawer Society
Elise Stempky, From Point A to Point B
Eric Uzoma, Velvet Gloves
Faraimo Vailaau, Lucas Opt
Andrea Wassel, Leftovers
Matthew Williams, In the Palaces of Kings
Jeff Wolverton, Sherlock & Jack
Gila Zalon, The Rife Machine
Steven Zawacki, Orcadia

Finalists will be announced on or about May 31, 2008.

Men in Trees canceled!

It was just announced that ABC’s Men in Trees has been canceled! Final episodes of this season start airing on May 28. There is a chance though that the ending of the final episode could get re-shot to tie things up for viewers. The season finale is set to air this summer.

Another update to recent script sales will be posted today, so stay tuned!

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