It is no secret that The Bourne Ultimatum is kicking ass all over the place. It broke box office records with the best August opening ever. It has out performed the previous Bourne movies. Basically it is a box office ninja.

I haven’t seen it. But I have seen the other Bourne movies, which are known for their insane car chases. Although, the best car chase I have ever seen in a film is in Four Brothers when they are chasing on the icy road. That’s just too schweet.

Anyways – car chases. I am planning on having one in my script. I’m looking at having it come in around page 90 or so. But now that I am thinking about this whole Bourne Ultimatum giving all the other films a major bitch slapping I’m wondering if I should rethink this whole car chase thing.

Should there be a car chase earlier in the script? Or is Matt Damon really the cash cow of the movie? Or Julia Stiles?

Heh, okay, that was a joke.

Note to self – add insane car chase to script. Hell, add two!