If you are planning on heading out here to Los Angeles to try to sell your script be sure to come with some money saved up! Rent out here is pretty expensive. If you do not mind living with other people it is a good idea to look for a share. You can look on Craigslist or you can use a free service like Easy Roommate. Either way, be sure to ask all the questions you can think  of before deciding on a place. When I moved out to LA I took the Craigslist route, which turned out to be a huge mistake for me. I ended up subletting a place in the middle of the summer that has no air conditioner and looked like it had not been cleaned since the turn of the century!

If you will have to get a “day job” here is something else to keep in mind – there is a stigma attached to living “over the hill.” What is over the hill? Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, the Valley, North Hollywood. When you are job hunting for a day job in Los Angeles you will get shunned if you live “over the hill.” Trust me.