Do you have some IVR files from your Real Player that you wanna use to create some movies or something? If you do, then you prolly noticed that you can’t really seem to do anything with those IVR files other than play them in Real Player.

Well, guess what?

You can do something else with them! There is a nifty little way to work around not being able to use these files. Here is what you do.

  1. Find the Burn/Transfer Option on the top of RealPlayer. Click Burn to DVD/VCD button to burn your IVR files to VCD.
  2. The burnt IVR file should be DAT format on your VCD disc. Try to load it into AVS Video Converter by click “ Browse “button.
  3. Click the formats that you want convert, for example”to avi”button from IVR to AVI Converter control panel.
  4. Click “convert now” button to start the conversion immediately.