Assigned – Andrey Soloviev
Above the Sunset – Alan J. Adler
A Little Faith – Jason Headley
A Splendid Fury – Andres Anglade
Ages Trapped in Time – Jim Lion
American Child – April Rouveyroi
Anonymous Donors – Jeff DeGrand & Tina Van Delden
An Occurance of Light – Mike Dragoo
Ashes to Anthrax – Cat Stewart
Assigned – Andrey Soloviev
Aza’zyel – Terrence TY Manns
Bang Bang Butterflies – Amy Rider
Blood and Honour – William Berezansky
Book of the Missing – Kate Douglas
Borderland – J.R Taylor
Brooklynese – Troy Ransome
Brothers Mussolini – Johnny B. Dunn
Borderland – J.R Taylor
Carve – David Laughlin
Cattle Call – Schuyler Willson
Clementime Taste Like Sugar – T.”Teri” Robinson
Chaing-Father and Son’s – B.R Stanley
Conditional Love – Lisa Arbuckle
Criminal Minds – Christine M. Torres
Crusaders Archers – Curtis/Scott Burdick
Devil May Care – Stephen Kadwell
Dead Crows – Chris Todd
Define Benefit – Stephen Shwandt
Devil May Care – Stephen Kadwell
Dude’s Ranch – Cathi Sanders
Doraybus – Beth Jay
El Coyote – David Edward Norman
Emily – Mark Clausen
Endangered – Mark Elliot Kratter
Faith – Kolby Granville
Fathers and Sons – Daniel Carlsson
Fin Chaser – Maria Cozzi
First of the Month – Robert Ward
Five Dates – Kyle MichelSullivan
Freud – Daniel Ragussis
Gift of Laughter – Robert Nash
Handicap Spaces – Clinton/Jim Braly
Hockey Wives Baby Shower – Pat Kiely
Horror Comic – Stephen Hoover
Hotel California – Darren Herczeg
Ice Cold Feet – John Fein
Karmically Correct – Erin Donovan
Kitty Love – Jane Ranson
Last Pyrate Of New Providence – John Bain
Lost Daughters – Michael W. Shaw
Love Letters – Riley LaShea
Monster Child – Mark Steven Porro
Monkey Tuesday – Bryan Carrigan
Minus Men – J.R Taylor
Miracle Man – Yvonne Borgogni
Miss Liberty – William Russell Melton
My Girl Daisy – Sue Yeates
Naked Lady Blues – James Cordingley
New Moon – Doris Gill
Noah’s Cruise – Kaisa AJaye
Now You See Me – Beth Szyperski
Nursery Crimes – Greg Klein
Outrage – Goerge Diaz Evashuk
Paradise City (Genesis) – Alisha Brophy
Paradise City (The Bible) – Alisha Brophy
Premonition – David Bousquet
Quigley – Lapo Melzi
Razor Man – Keto Shimizu
Redneck of the Year – Dawson Lee Williams
Road Side Assistance – David J. Sakmyster
Running Boys the First Rebellion – Peter Kennedy
Rye & Rice – Craig Rosenthal
Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll – Chris Raymond
Stuffed – Carter Cammack
Sweet Water – Becca Smith
Svengali Effect – Jeremy Shipp
Tesoro – Stacy Keane & Megan Feldman
The Adventure of Don Juan – John Crews
The B.E.S.T Man – Jack Davidson
The Blue Planet – Svet Rouskov
The Boys Winter – Ann Prochnow
The Code of Happiness – David Margolis
The Condemned – Debra Sharkey
The Conjur Man – Joseph Kenny
The Dark Artist of Paris – John Crawford
The Descent of a Man – Marquis Ewing
The Life and Death of Fitz Gerlich – Paul Clingan
The Moon Beam Fisherman – John Dummer
The One that got away – Ryan Belenzon
The Pheonix Effect – Margaret M. McDonald
The Rap Race – C.E Elliot
The Relevant – Christine Deither
The Templar – Matthew Dickson
The Toughest Girls – Cassidy McMillan
The Underground Castle – Jaqueline May Stewart
The United Al Queda Comedy – Charlotte Barrett/ Sean Fallon
The Way it Spins – Irvin Evers
The Wicked Wynde – Carlshawn Stovall
The Wind Riders – Jeff Ryback
Thicker than Water – Mark Kurasz
Tii and The Kingdom of the Lost Objects – Lillian Zvanovec
To Catch A Keeper – Mary Huckstep
Urbanity – Adam Taylor Barker
Warshaw Freedom – Kimberly Kaplan/ Mike Jacoby
Wash Out – Berke Karakas
Weaponized – Andrew Taylor
Windy City Story – Frank Artrage
Wither – Evette Vargas
Wolves in Winter – Sarah Del Collo
Wreckage of the heart – David M. Flynn
1 New York – Kaisa AJaye
5-6-7-8 TO Life – Ned Ehrbar
100 ways of Steve – J.J. Balczo & David Bricker
94 Maidens – Rhonda Fink Whitman

5 Dates – Kyle Michel Sullivan
A Severed Romance – Todd Rheingold
A Different Shade of Black – Dana Congdon
Chasing Brenda – Pauline Hayton
Frenching – Maire Rose
He’s the One – F. Leegh Lewis
Karmically Correct – Erin Donovan
Love & Vodka – Robert J. Fox
Love Letters – Riley LaShea
My Girl Daisy – Sue Yeats
Now You See Me – Beth Szyperski
Off Screen Romance – Theo Baynton
Strawberry Mansion – R. Scott Shields
SOPHRONIA L. – Tim Bridwell
The One That Got Away – Ryan Belenzon
When Harry Tries to Marry – Ralph Stein& NayanPadrai

Ashes to Anthrax – Cat Stewart
Boing – J.J Hillard
Chucky Feast – Teri Carson
First of the Month – Robert War
Laundry Day – Aaron Kassander
Low-Grade Chocolate – Jennifer Bogush
Stones – Kal Webber

30 Rock – Simeon Goulden
Big Bang Theory – Jenna Ryan
Bones-The Goddess Statue – Kenn Preblic
Breaking Bad – Jeffrey Lerner/ Monica Sagaser
Brothers Sisters- Broken Promises – Italome Ohikhuare
Entourage-Feng Shui’d – Dimitry Sheynin
Dexter – Andy Shrader
Dexter – John Raucci Jr.
Dexter/ Recycle – Mike Anunsen
In Treatment – Margaret Lepera
Medium- Full House – Kenneth R. Offricht