After much neglect, this site is going to start being active one again. Though in the past the site focused on selling a screenplay in Hollywood, my interests have changed quite and bit and it’s actually not a goal that I am trying to achieve any longer. That being said, I am still very much interested in movies, television and the whole industry – just not really making an effort to get into it like I was once before.

Going forward, the posts on this site will look a little different. Well, first off, there will be new posts which is a major change since I have not really done anything with this site for, I dunno, what, maybe three years or so! Gosh, it has been a long ass time, hasn’t it?!

If I come across any script calls, I will still post them here for interested parties, but know that I am no longer actively seeking these sorts of things out. I am a bit more interested in indie films and making movies on your own, so do expect to see some new content geared towards that topic.

As this is just a hobby site for me, do not expect to see multiple updates in a single week. Sure, I may surprise you now and then and throw out a post or three during the same week, but this will not be the norm for the site. But since the site has been dead for so freaking long, it will probably look like a crazy high amount of posts if I just do something new each week, huh?

You will also start to see some talk about movies and tv shows that I enjoy because that is what makes me happy and it’s just what I want to write about. Don’t worry though, I will more than likely just be complaining about the poor quality of the writing on a show or movie….or maybe even praising the brilliance of something that I have just seen…although that is a bit rare for me these days.

And for those of you who have been around awhile – no, I never did sell that script. In fact, I do not even know where it is right now. I just got distracted by greener pastures and never really looked back. Who knows, maybe I will get back on it some day in the future. Until then, I hope that you enjoy the upcoming new content here on!