I think it is pretty much understood that Final Draft is the industry standard when it comes to writing screenplays on your computer. But with a price tag over $200, it is not the ideal solution for a screenwriter who has technically not made a cent from their writing. So, do you believe in the dream and fork over that money (it’s basically a car payment for some people), or you use a cheaper software like Scrivner?

I am a recent convert to Scrivner as I write some non-fiction books for Kindle and use it for easy-peasy formatting into the Kindle mobi file and into the file that I have to use for Smashwords distribution. Scrivner is a really interesting piece of software because it is designed FOR writers specifically. Sure, it is aimed at people who write books, but it can also be used for writing out your screenplay. And it is MUCH cheaper than using Final Draft.

The nice thing about this software program is that it actually has a script writing format that you can use to create your screenplay. So, just by using this template, you can easily be creating your script in an industry standard format. That is definitely easier than manually getting the format correct in MS Word – plus, this program is a lot cheaper than using MS Word. I also like that you can use it on either a Mac or a Windows machine.

And if you’re the kind of person who likes to kind of outline or sketch out your scenes or characters before writing, then you will love this software as it makes that so freaking easy to do. Know that I am not getting paid by Scrivener and I am in no way associated with them, I’m just a fan of the software and wanted to share a cheaper way for you struggling screenwriters to be able to get your ideas down in the correct format without spending a fortune on Final Draft. So if you’re so inclined, give Scrivener a look and see if it meets your needs or not. You just might be surprised like I was when I gave it a try the very first time around.