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Recent script sales #13

Want to know what Hollywood has been buying in the last week or so? Below are recent script sales since 7/1/08 through 7/2/08. Info on sales price and loglines are included as available.

Silver Cord
Drama, Indie
Man comes back to life after being declared clinically dead many times.
Buyers: Hand Picked Films, Tayrona Entertainment, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Michel Shane, Anthony Romano, James Ordonez, Shani Rigsbee, Ken Gord, Jai Khanna, Rob Folk
Writers: James Ordonez , Ken Gord

Untitled Sherlock Holmes and Watson Project by Etan Cohen
Buyers: Columbia, Matt Tolmach, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Miller
Writer: Etan Cohen

The Goon
Animation, Supernatural
Based on the comic book
Buyers: Dark Horse Entertainment, Blur Studio, David Fincher
Writer: Eric Powell

Hiding in Time
Action, Sci-Fi
Based on the comic book.
Buyers: Warner Bros., Sarah Schechter, Lin Pictures, Archetype, Dan Lin, Jon Silk, Ray Miller, David Server
Writers: Christopher Long , Beau Thorne

Based on a book.
Buyers: Leverage, Charlie Loventhal, Judy Henry
Writers: Jim Thompson , Ralph Pezzullo

Biography, War
Biopic of Martha Gellhorn
Buyers: Fiddlehead Productions, Outlaw Productions, Gillian Anderson, Deborah Newmyer, Michael Glassman, Sarah Radclyffe
Writers: Caroline Moorehead , Sharman Macdonald

Buyers: United Artists, Pearl Pictures, Gary Pearl, Phillip Pierce
Writer: Matthew Diamond

The Seminar – spec sale
Parents engage a mysterious consulting firm to mess with a son’s reality.
Buyers: CBS Films, Mark Ross
Writer: Richard D’Ovidio
Agency: ICM, Media Talent Group
Sales Price: Low- to mid-six-figures


Netflix, Inc.

Recent deals now with more info!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the recent deals and sales info that I have been posting.

Starting with the next update there will be more info included! You will get info on the buyers. And you will also get info on the sellers! This should help to give you a better idea of who is buying what.

And as usual, any info on loglines and sales amounts will still be included.

Recent script sales #9

Want to know what Hollywood has been buying in the last week or so? Below are recent script sales since 5/28/08 through 6/03/08. Info on sales price and loglines are included as available.

The Harvard Zombie Massacre
Comedy, Horror

The Sigma Protocol

Wake the Dead

Eleven Minutes

Final Orbit

DVD of the Month Club for Award Winning Film
The Storyteller
Drama, Indie


Frat Chance

S. Darko
Drama, Indie

Adventure, Family

Ouija Board
Adventure, Supernatural

Sex and Lies in Sin City
Drama, True Crime, TV

Stolen Innocence

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Recent script sales #8

Want to know what Hollywood has been buying in the last week or so? Below are recent script sales since 5/21/08 through 5/28/08. Info on sales price and loglines are included as available.

Wedding Banned
Sales Price: $850,000 against $1.6 million

The Colonel

Big Man on Campus

Table for Three

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

The Birthday Party
Comedy, Crime, Drama

Relative Stranger
Drama, TV

Action, Adventure

Netflix, Inc.
The Last Equation
Action, Thriller

Flash Gordon
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Inner Child


Untitled by Wendy Diane Miller

The Eagle of the Ninth
Adventure, Period

Comedy, Indie

Stay Cool
Comedy, Indie


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Exciting news – recent script sales will be a new feature of See Me Sell A Screenplay

After thinking about it over the weekend, I have come to a decision.

It is too freaking hard to locate recent script sales. At least if you want to find that info for free. Sure, you can get a little info from the websites of the trades as well as sites like Cinematical. But those sites do not give you the important stuff. You don’t get the logline (if provided) and you don’t get info on how much it sold for (if provided) or if it was just a pitch or just a treatment or a full length script or even a novel or a magazine article.

Well, I say let’s level that playing field a little bit. Today I am signing up for a service that gives me info on recent sales in Hollywood. If you recall, I took that service for a free test drive last week. And I think you liked it. I know I did. And really, how do you get serious about selling a script unless you know what Hollywood is buying.

So, get ready for regular updates on what is selling in Hollywood, courtesy of See Me Sell A Screenplay. Go ahead – tell your friends!

Who’s Buying What in Hollywood?

It seems to me that it would be helpful to know who is buying what in Hollywood. And also who is selling what. I mean, then you would know what to write and who to pimp it out to.

But it seems like this info is hard to come by. From what I can tell the options are:

  • subscribe to Hollywood Reporter
  • subscribe to Variety
  • subscribe to a cheaper service that gets their info from the above sources

But look at the cost.

what’s Hollywood been buying?

In preparing to write my first script, and thus sell a screenplay before my girlfriend does (insert evil laughter here), I have been trying to figure out what the bejesus Hollywood has been buying lately. I know what they’ve been sending to my local movie theater. A lot of tripe. Stinky, stinky tripe.

I checked Hollywood Lit Sales, but apparently it hasn’t been updated since 2003. Cripes. Done Deal Pro wants around $25 for me to see recent sales. Wankers. Showbiz Data wants $34.95/month for their database. BaselineFT? $14.95/mo for their database. Surely the info is out there for free somewhere. Much appreciation for anyone that can point me towards the place to get this info for free.

I did get this from the free Done Deal Pro newsletter…

Kara Holden sold her untitled pitch to New Line Cinema for a high six figures against seven figures. No plot details were released for the romantic comedy. ContraFilm’s Beau Flynn & Tripp Vinson will produce. Holden was repped by Agency for the Performing Arts, Energy and Behr, Abramson & Kaller.
Columbia Pictures picked up Damian Shannon and Mark Swift’s untitled action-fantasy script for a high six figures against seven figures. The story concerns a cynical guy from New York who is forced to go to a land untouched by modern civilization to save a village and a princess from fiendish fairytale creatures. Buckaroo Entertainment’s Sam Raimi & Josh Donen will produce. Columbia’s Shannon Gaulding, Matt Tolmach & Doug Belgrad and Buckaroo’s Russell Hollander will oversee. The writers were repped by Creative Artists Agency, Magnet Management, and Colden McKuin & Frankel.
Chris Morgan sold his untitled adventure pitch to Universal Pictures for $700,000 against $1.35 million. Scott Stuber & Mary Parent will produce. H2F Entertainment’s Walter Hamada & Chris Fenton will executive produce. Universal’s Jeff Kirschenbaum & Erik Baiers will oversee. Morgan was repped on the deal by International.

Thoughts on this…. A romantic comedy. Surprising. I hope they don’t put Jack Black in one again. “…a cynical guy from NYC goes to an untouched land to save a village and a princess…” This seems like it might have been inspired a bit by The Neverending Story. Only not as cool. And $700,000 against $1.35 mil for a untitled adventure pitch? wtf?