Below is a list of helpful resources for the wannabe screenwriter. I have not been paid by any of these companies. I am not claiming to have used their services unless there is a specific note mentioning it. However, I have evaluated the links to see if they have benefits for screenwriters before adding them to this page.

Be sure to check this page often as it will be updated as I come across new links.

  • Discount Script Coverage – get the most affordable script coverage around!
  • Abbott Screenplay Management – they offer free script coverage to writers that submit material to them
  • Celtx – a free alternative to Final Draft!
  • Hollywood Reporter Online – you gotta know what’s going on in the industry. I try to check this out daily and I prefer it over Variety.
  • InfoList – I get their listings by email. If you are in LA you need to sign up too.
  • Variety online – another place to get your industry news.
  • Writers Guild of America, West – if you’re gonna go pro then you need to know the WGA. Personally I am not a fan of unions, but whatcha gonna do?
  • Blake Snyder – veteran screenwriter and all around screenwriting guru.

If you have a link that you think would be a good fit here let me know about it at screenwritingmofo AT gmail DOT com today!

And if you have tried out something I have listed here and thinks it’s total crap, let me know about that too!

Helpful books for screenwriters: